Alloy Wheel Cleaner – Acidic

Our low hazard, acidic wheel cleaner. Its formula allows it to penetrate through stubborn brake dust on most alloy wheels without the need of an aggressive acid. It can be diluted for general cleaning or used neat for those wheels in need of major clean. Unlike similar products it can also be used to clean other aluminium surfaces as most importantly it doesn’t bleach aluminium. Its anti-corrosion additives reduce the impact it can have on discs and callipers too. 

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Alloy Gleam Wheel Cleaner

Our most popular Powerful Steel & Alloy Wheel Cleaner. Its unique formulation of a non-corrosive, acid free blend of detergents and stain removers in a mildly alkaline formulation, makes it stand out from most others. It is designed to be given dwell time, and will easily clean and shine alloy wheels but it also minimises any adverse effects on the alloy wheels and other surfaces such as discs and calipers.

It can be used neat or diluted as required and becomes a fast, safe and cost effective wheel cleaner. A definite product to use on most occasions, as an acidic product can now void vehicles warranties with increasingly more manufacturers.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)


Our ‘ultimate’ wash and wax shampoo. Its unique formulation gives it a low foaming, deep clean of traffic film and road dirt. But it has a very high wax content providing streak free rinsing, easy drying and a high gloss ‘Shine’. This product leaves a water-repellent film which increases protection against the elements and reduces dirt build-up between washes when used regularly.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Laser 2

Our heavy-duty acidic cleaner. Its unique formula ensures it is highly effective in cleaning heavily soiled alloy wheels, general alloy cleaning and as a rust remover. Laser is very popular as it differs from other heavy-duty acidic cleaners as it does not ‘bleach’ (Alloy turns white) the alloy and is safer to use. Its thick density ensures it is very economical in use.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Mach Shampoo

Our concentrated shampoo for use in all ‘automated’ wash/ brush systems. Its formula provides a quality surfactant, great foaming, and streak free rinsing providing a shiny finish even on the largest of vehicles. When controlled through the machines dilution control, Mach Shampoo is possibly the most cost-effective product of its type on the market.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)


Our Polymer wax and paint guard remover. Its formulation provides a fast, effective and economical removal of wax protective coatings on most manufacturers vehicles and is the only Nissan (GB) approved remover. For best results this should be used with a hot pressure washing system.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Vehicle Shampoo

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Tar & Glue Remover

Our fast acting tar and glue remover. Its formulation allows it to remove most types of adhesive and residues such as labels, wax, oil and grease. It is also highly effective in removing tar residue from paintwork and contains emulsifiers allowing it to be easily washed off with water.

(Liquid product – contains silicones)

Waterless Wash – Wax – Sheen

Our leading multi surface cleaner, polish and sheen. Its specifically designed formulation ensures it can be used on virtually all hard and a variety of soft surfaces. It’s combined cleaning surfactants, waxes and silicones ensure its highly effective cleaning paintwork, plastic, furniture, vinyls, rubber, dashboards, glass and lots more. Once easily buffed off, it will leave a fantastic finish and protective coating. Highly popular on paintwork and trim .

(Concentrated – To be Diluted)

Wax Rinse

Our concentrated rinse additive. Its special formula allows it to be used manually or through vehicle wash systems. Wax rinse is applied after washing and gives a water- repellent glossy film with protective characteristics and is very economical in use.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)


Our biggest selling ‘All Rounder’. XP10 is a highly concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner. Its formula makes it highly effective in removing grease, oil, general dirt, brake dust, nicotine, insect squash, green algae and in fact most jobs you want it to do. It can be used on all types of vehicles including caravans and boats along with machines, engine bays, hard/ soft surfaces, upholstery etc, etc. The list is endless! It is very economical and can be diluted up to 1:200 depending on use.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)