Air Duster

Air Duster is our most popular non-contact cleaning solution that can be used upright or inverted. It is completely dry and leaves no residue in the removal of dust and foreign matter from most delicate surfaces. It is ideal for use on computer equipment, vdu’s, radios, televisions and many other intricate components. Air duster is now very popular for cleaning burner jets, boilers, pipe work systems, fire and heat exchangers. Its use in the automotive environment is now popular too, for those hard to reach areas during valeting.

Air Freshener Concentrate

Our popular liquid air freshener. Its water-based formulation allows it to freshen all areas required. It can be applied alone or added to other products if required to give that fresh and clean smell, eliminating an odour in a room or vehicle and very cost effective. We currently have Lemon, Cherry or Bubblegum available but bespoke fragrances are available.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Apple Re-Odouriser

Our trade favourite re-odouriser. Its strong blend of Green Apple re-odorant effectively masks nuisance odours. It is long lasting and non-marking or staining which, together with its cost effectiveness are the reasons why it’s favourite. It is often added to screenwash bottles to freshen the typical screenwash smell.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)


Our biggest seller to attack harmful bacteria and bad odours. Biological Enzyme Cleaner & Deodoriser is a powerful formulation that is highly effective on blood, urine, vomit, and spilt milk. Its strong blend of enzymes and bacteria are designed to attack harmful bacteria and odours by removing them in a digestive action and changes them into simple non-harmful gases, water and sugars. BEC-D can be used safely on most carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces and even sinks and drains. It is bio-gradable, non-caustic, safe to use in and around animals environments and is very popular within care homes, schools and hospitals.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Bio Spraid

Our biggest selling ‘All Rounder’ just got better! Bio Spraid contains the unique formula of Spraid but with the added benefit of germicides, killing germs, bacteria and other microorganisms in most environments including Agricultural, Equine and Pet. Ideal on hard/ soft surfaces and upholstery and again very economical when diluted.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Brake and Parts Cleaner

Brake and Parts Cleaner has a highly effective blend of solvents designed as a safe way of removing unwanted dust from brake drums, clutch assemblies and other parts during routine maintenance checks. It will remove grease, oil and brake fluid residues without damaging neoprene seals or friction materials. It is extremely searching and will penetrate most inaccessible areas.

Carburetor Cleaner

Carb cleaner is a blend of solvents specifically designed to remove oil, grease and other accumulated deposits from vehicle carburetors and fuel injection systems. Its usage can reduce rough idling and stalling, improves engine performance and lubricates upper cylinders.

Concentrated Deodoriser

Our highly Concentrated Deodoriser is specifically designed for use with misting equipment in a recycling environment. Its high concentration neutralises odours and gives a pleasant long – lasting fragrance.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

De icer

De-Icer in aerosol form. Its high performance and blend ensures it performance is ideal for windscreens and locks and helps prevent re-freeze.

Electrical Degreaser

Electrical degreaser (non chlorinated) is a highly efficient general-purpose alcohol based cleaning solvent. It is ideal for the removal of stains, coatings, printing inks, deposits of oil, grease and dirt. Its low toxicity, leaves no residue and does not cause corrosion of metals, it is safe to use on most fibres, plastics and is suitable for cleaning most electrical apparatus, installations and delicate instruments.
Electrical Degreaser is safe to use on PSB boards and electronic components

Floor Cleaner

Our most economic and minimal cost industrial floor cleaner, providing a popular choice for many. It is very cost-effective in use and has the ability to remove grease, oil and general dirt and is safe to use on most floor surfaces giving excellent results. You can also add one of our choices of Air freshener Concentrates to produce a very pleasant floor cleaner.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Foodsafe Stainless Steel Cleaner

Food Safe Stainless Steel Cleaner has been formulated for use in food preparation areas and will remove light grease, fat, cooking stains and food residue from many surfaces. It is colourless and odourless therefore will not taint food preparation areas. It contains active ingredients meeting FDA 178.3620b and the food chemical codex PM/Ref:87.680. Its ideal on shop cabinets, shelving, equipment and machinery.

Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner is our fast foaming action convenient cleaner that can be used on all types of glass, mirrors, Perspex, ceramic tiles, porcelain and metal surfaces. Its highly effective formula removes tobacco haze, finger marks, cosmetics, crayons and pen marks. It is popular in automotive use for removing road film and insect bodies from vehicle glass. Glass cleaner leaves no residue and therefore office equipment such as photocopiers and food display units can also benefit from its powerful action.

Glass & Mirror 360

Our Glass & Mirror is one of our latest enhanced products. It’s special formula has been designed to be highly effective for the removal of road grime, bugs and tree sap from glass, also general dirt and marks from mirrors.
Its ease of use and fabulous non-smear finish probably makes this one of the most effective cleaners on the market.

(Concentrated – Can be Diluted)

Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover is a powerful unique formulation, which quickly facilitates the easy removal of felt pens, acrylic and cellulose paints, ballpoint pen ink, and most other common forms of graffiti. It is effective on brick, concrete, stonework, glass and plastic. Graffiti remover is a water-soluble formulation and is ready to use, simply shake and spray. It is safe to use on most surfaces, although we would always recommend that a small area should always be tested first.

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Our popular industrial heavy-duty floor cleaner. Its formulation provides great cleaning strength to remove general dirt, grease and oil even in the dirtiest environments. When its rinsed/ dried it produces a non-slip sheen on most surfaces. Again out of choice adding Air Freshener Concentrate it becomes a pleasant floor cleaner giving above excellent results.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray

Our most cost effective Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray. Its unique formula allows it to be highly effective in displacing water and repelling moisture leaving a resistant film. It cleans, lubricates and protects all metals. Ideal for use in the motor industry, boats (control cables, pulleys, electrical equipment, etc) and in the home on hinges, locks, garden tools, etc and has a pleasant odour when using it in enclosed spaces.

(Liquid product)

Tar & Bitumen Remover

Tar and Bitumen Remover is a special blend of aliphatic solvents and emulsifiers. Its formulation rapidly breaks down deposits of tar and asphalt from most surfaces. Also as it is non-corrosive and abrasive free, it makes it ideal for use on cars and lorries and tar spraying equipment. Its high concentration works swiftly on even hardened tar yet not affecting the underlying surface.

Thick Bleach Concentrate

Our strong stabilised hypochlorite solution. Its powerful industrial strength with detergents will kill most known germs. Having a thicker formulation allows it to cling to most surfaces, providing a deeper cleaning, bleaching and is economical in use. It also acts as an effective sanitiser and regular use will prevent bad odours.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Trim Clean

Trim Clean is a foaming cleaner for all interior surfaces. Its development allows its foaming action to work swiftly, penetrating and loosening all types of dirt and contamination. It has been formulated from a blend of alcohols, solvents and surfactants, which chemically lower the surface energy of soiling, enabling areas to be wiped, clean with considerable ease without over wetting the surface material. It is highly effective on seats, carpet, head linings, dashboards, doorsills, and most other similar surfaces.

Waterless Wash – Wax – Sheen

Our leading multi surface cleaner, polish and sheen. Its specifically designed formulation ensures it can be used on virtually all hard and a variety of soft surfaces. It’s combined cleaning surfactants, waxes and silicones ensure its highly effective cleaning paintwork, plastic, furniture, vinyls, rubber, dashboards, glass and lots more. Once easily buffed off, it will leave a fantastic finish and protective coating. Highly popular on paintwork and trim .

(Concentrated – To be Diluted)


Our biggest selling ‘All Rounder’. XP10 is a highly concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner. Its formula makes it highly effective in removing grease, oil, general dirt, brake dust, nicotine, insect squash, green algae and in fact most jobs you want it to do. It can be used on all types of vehicles including caravans and boats along with machines, engine bays, hard/ soft surfaces, upholstery etc, etc. The list is endless! It is very economical and can be diluted up to 1:200 depending on use.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)