Air Freshener Concentrate

Our popular liquid air freshener. Its water-based formulation allows it to freshen all areas required. It can be applied alone or added to other products if required to give that fresh and clean smell, eliminating an odour in a room or vehicle and very cost effective. We currently have Lemon, Cherry or Bubblegum available but bespoke fragrances are available.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Apple Re-Odouriser

Our trade favourite re-odouriser. Its strong blend of Green Apple re-odorant effectively masks nuisance odours. It is long lasting and non-marking or staining which, together with its cost effectiveness are the reasons why it’s favourite. It is often added to screenwash bottles to freshen the typical screenwash smell.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)


Our biggest seller to attack harmful bacteria and bad odours. Biological Enzyme Cleaner & Deodoriser is a powerful formulation that is highly effective on blood, urine, vomit, and spilt milk. Its strong blend of enzymes and bacteria are designed to attack harmful bacteria and odours by removing them in a digestive action and changes them into simple non-harmful gases, water and sugars. BEC-D can be used safely on most carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces and even sinks and drains. It is bio-gradable, non-caustic, safe to use in and around animals environments and is very popular within care homes, schools and hospitals.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Black Dye

Our Black Carpet Dye. This black liquid dye is of high density and is highly recommended for restoration on faded carpets, floor mats and other suited surfaces leaving a ‘newer looking’ finish when dry. It can be diluted to give a lighter tint.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Bio Spraid

Our biggest selling ‘All Rounder’ just got better! Bio Spraid contains the unique formula of Spraid but with the added benefit of germicides, killing germs, bacteria and other microorganisms in most environments including Agricultural, Equine and Pet. Ideal on hard/ soft surfaces and upholstery and again very economical when diluted.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Fabric & Upholstery

Our manual use Fabric and Upholstery cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragrance. It has been developed to be used on most fabrics, upholstery and even carpets. Its powerful dry foam formulation allows the dirt to be agitated with a brush or sponge, wiped clean or vacuumed off to be touch dry. Its safe surfactants allow it to be used on vinyl and leatherette surfaces also.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Fabric & Upholstery LF

Our interior cleaner for machine use. Its concentrated blend of detergent and low foaming additive provides excellent results through an extraction cleaner. It can be used on most carpets, upholstery and fabrics removing general and stubborn stains providing an ‘as new’ cleaned surface when dry. It can also be used manually when little foam is required.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)


Our Top selling ‘All Rounder” dressing. And possibly one of the most universal, quality and cost effective dressings on the market. It unique formulation has been tested and developed to suit most applications required. In its neat form it provides a glossy shine but if diluted it will give a more natural to soft sheen but its magic doesn’t stop there, its safe to use in paintwork environments as it’s Silicone-Free. Its ability to be used on interior/ exterior plastics, as a tyre dressing, as an engine bay detailer and as a non-slip rubber matting dressing, giving a long lasting finish together with its blueberry fragrance is what makes Finesse so special.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)

Durasol 2

Our premium versatile dressing. Its liquid formulation allows easy application on plastics, vinyl and rubber. It provides a glossier ‘New look’ weather resistant, longer lasting finish and its most popular use is on tyres and plastic mouldings due to its fast-drying formulation. Durasol 2 can also be used on interior surfaces if required, as it provides a deep lustrous finish.

(Liquid product – contains silicones)


Our latest plastic, rubber and vinyl gel dressing. Its formulation provides a deep, natural sheen and a weatherproof barrier. Its density allows it to be easily applied, helping revive ageing trim and achieving that longer lasting lustre finish when dry. The special formulation of Quartz eliminates that common streaking that many alternative products can produce. It is an ideal product for use on all vehicles, especially car sales displays. It can also be used on interior plastics if required.

(Gel product – contains silicones)


Our biggest selling ‘All Rounder’. XP10 is a highly concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner. Its formula makes it highly effective in removing grease, oil, general dirt, brake dust, nicotine, insect squash, green algae and in fact most jobs you want it to do. It can be used on all types of vehicles including caravans and boats along with machines, engine bays, hard/ soft surfaces, upholstery etc, etc. The list is endless! It is very economical and can be diluted up to 1:200 depending on use.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)