Aluminium Anti-Seize

Aluminium Anti-Seize is a heat stable, longing lasting anti-seize lubricant, which eliminates pitting, rusting, thread distortion, gailing and seizure. Lubricates at temperatures up to 800 deg C. A fine film of aluminium particles always remains in joints and threads to prevent seizure even if the joints become compressed.

Battery Terminal Protector & Indicator

Battery terminal protector and indicator leaves a flexible non-conductive orange film, which drives out moisture and inhibits any further corrosion build up. If acid is present the orange film will turn Red. It also will leave a water resistant film, which protects battery terminals and electrical connection against corrosion. It will also prevent transition resistance and voltage drop.

Brake and Parts Cleaner

Brake and Parts Cleaner has a highly effective blend of solvents designed as a safe way of removing unwanted dust from brake drums, clutch assemblies and other parts during routine maintenance checks. It will remove grease, oil and brake fluid residues without damaging neoprene seals or friction materials. It is extremely searching and will penetrate most inaccessible areas.

Copper Anti Seize

Copper anti seize contains a special blend of heat stable, long lasting, anti-seize lubricants which eliminates pitting, rusting, thread distortion, gailing and seizure. It is an effective lubricant without degradation to 275 deg C and provides protection up to 1200 deg C. A fine film of copper particles always remains in joints on threads to prevent seizure even if the joints become compressed.

Leak Detector

Leak Detector is ideal for checking all gas or air pressure fittings and joints, or for the rapid and safe detection of even the minutest leak.It is effective even at extremely low pressure percolation. Leak Detector contains No Achohols or Solvents, is non caustics and benefits from a rust inhibitor. Its ideal for use on commercial vehicle air brake systems, gas and air-line systems, pressure vessels and pressure testing of other equipment and pipework.

Maintenance Spray with PTFE

Maintenance Spray is a high specification, multi-purpose spray, and is a very popular choice because of its ability and uses with its added PTFE. Its new formula cleans, protects surfaces from rust and corrosion, displaces moisture and deposits a protective lubricating film. Its ideal on plugs, switchgear, scales, tools, locks, hinges, mechanisms, chains, linkages and much, much more.


Metect is a multi-purpose long-term flexible rust preventative with application in many sectors of the industry and is ideal for use where storage or transit conditions cannot be controlled. for the protection of any metal object from corrosion. Specially designed for use on any metal object whilst not in use, or in long-term storage and transit. It will protect bright mild steel for up to 5 years if placed outside.

Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray

Our most cost effective Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray. Its unique formula allows it to be highly effective in displacing water and repelling moisture leaving a resistant film. It cleans, lubricates and protects all metals. Ideal for use in the motor industry, boats (control cables, pulleys, electrical equipment, etc) and in the home on hinges, locks, garden tools, etc and has a pleasant odour when using it in enclosed spaces.

(Liquid product)

Screenwash Concentrate

Our multi purpose screenwash. Its concentrated low hazard blend ensures it is highly effective in removing traffic film, oil and grease without the inclusion of methanol, which over time will damage window rubbers. It is also a safe non-flammable product and very economical in use following our dilution guide.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

Spray Adhesive

Spray Adhesive is a fast curing high strength bond. It is very easy to apply through its variable spray nozzle and is highly effective for general purpose fixing of carpets, bonding furniture, foam, rubber, cardboard, paper, wood, metal and most plastics. It is resistant to moisture and is extremely strong yet flexible and has a high peel strength.