SEH Logistics has a large range of Paper & Cloth Products range available which is continually being added to. We cater for Workshops, Kitchens, Care Homes, Public Services, Hygiene Business’s and general useage.

We can provide the most popular products used, and also assist you with any specific needs or products.

A Selection of our Paper and Cloth Products available.

  • White Centre Feed Rolls (MTork)
  • Blue Centre Feed Rolls
  • Mini Centre Feed Rolls
  • Workshop Rolls
  • Specialist Rolls
  • Hygiene Rolls
  • Jumbo Toilet Rolls
  • Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls
  • General Toilet Rolls
  • Branded Toilet Rolls
  • C-Fold Hand Towels
  • Z-Fold Hand Towels
  • Microfibre Cloths
  • Microclean Window Cloths
  • Drying Cloths/ Towels
  • Yatch Cloths
  • General Workshop Cloth
  • General Coth
  • Superfine Stockinette
  • Mutton Cloth
  • Mixed Rag
  • Coloured/ White Tshirt Packs