TFR Classic

Our most economic and minimal cost TFR in the range, providing a great clean and streak-free finish with both hot and cold pressure washing equipment and when used as a pre-spray. A very popular choice for many and very cost effective when used neat or diluted. TFR Classic can be used on the bodywork as well as for chassis and engine degreasing.

(Concentrated – can be diluted)


Our most Environmentally-considerate TFR. This is a popular choice when biodegradability is important. Its formulation provides great cleaning power through a hot or cold washing system, but most importantly it exceeds the EEC standard for biodegradability. TFR Eco is a great all round cleaner on all surfaces.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

TFR Premium Plus

The most popular TFR in our range. Its unique formula gives great cleaning power with a streak-free finish. It also contains a displacer wax giving that ‘Just Polished’ look, when rinsed off. With continual use it helps prevent dirt build-up. For use on all types of vehicles – especially when they are not being dried off! It gives great results as a chassis/ engine degreaser too.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)

TFR Superior

The Strongest TFR in our range. TFR Superior has been developed as a heavy-duty traffic film remover/ degreaser/ general cleaner. It is very popular for pre-MOT cleans and the heaviest chassis cleaning/ degreasing. This product is extremely strong, easy to use and cost effective when used with a hot water system. We wouldn’t recommend its use on general paintwork (cabs, etc) except if diluted appropriately.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)