Glass & Chrome

Our Glass & Chrome is our leading polish for windows and chrome. Its special blend of ingredients ensure it is highly effective in the removal of road grime, general dirt, labels, etc from glass inside and out, and cleans and polishes chrome. Its easy on/ easy off, with virtually no dust makes this product a market leader. Its outstanding performance doesn’t stop there, Glass & Chrome has our water repellant included, this provides virtually clear windows when driving in the rain and reduces misting in the damper weather.

(Liquid Product)

Glass & Mirror

Our Logistics Glass & Mirror is one of our latest enhanced products. It’s special formula has been designed to be highly effective for the removal of road grime, bugs and tree sap from glass, also general dirt and marks from mirrors.

Its ease of use and fabulous non-smear finish probably makes this one of the most effective cleaners on the market.

(Concentrated – Can be Diluted)

Screenwash Concentrate

Our multi purpose screenwash. Its concentrated low hazard blend ensures it is highly effective in removing traffic film, oil and grease without the inclusion of methanol, which over time will damage window rubbers. It is also a safe non-flammable product and very economical in use following our dilution guide.

(Concentrated – to be diluted)